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Difference Between Piles, Anal Fissures & Anal Fistula

They are various diagnostics and differ in their symptoms and techniques for treatment.
How about you take a look each one in turn.

Medicinally, ‘Piles’ are swollen blood vessels in the anal canal. They more often than not
happen when a man suffers ceaseless blockage and straining stool due to less than
stellar poor diet /smoking/terrible bad qualities.

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Piles Treatment:

Early periods of piles are never worked and require just medications, great high fiber diet
with a lot of fluids to prevent constipation and straining. Piles in the third stage and past
need medical surgery, and today there are many improved techniques, for example,
MIPH ( Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids ) which considerably diminish
pain and speed recovery with shorter hospital stays.

Piles Prevention

High fiber diets with a lot of fluids work best. If you have constipation – see a specialist
and get treatment. Try not to apply excessive pressure while passing stools.


Piles fissure are split in the skin of the anal canal. They are extremely frequent visit in
the all-inclusive population. So visit that it said to happen once in man's life.

Anal Fissures Symptoms

Right off the bat, piles fissures hurt a LOT (to such an extent that a man may need to abstain from utilizing the toilet).
Bleeding is infrequent in the fissure and might be only a streak on the stool.

Anal Fissures Treatment

  • The procedure of choice for treating piles fissures is a Lateral Sphincterotomy,
which gives quick alleviation from agony and is done as a daycare technique. However,
most fissures (>90%) don't require medical surgery. Medical surgery might be a superior
alternative just when fissures are intermittent.
  • Piles fissure are treated with meds and great high fiber diet (being a vegetarian
aide) and a lot of fluids.

Anal Fissures Prevention

A decent hi-fiber diet with a lot of fluids goes far in preventing Anal Fissures.


Fistulas happened when an infected organ blasts into the anal canal inside, and after
that turns into a conduit for pus release to the anal skin area.

Anal Fistula Symptoms

Fistulas show with pus release in the anal region (a 'wet inclination' at the anal area).
They may also through times of pus discharge and calm periods when there are no
Anal Fistula Treatment

  • Remember the way taken by a fistula can be varied and hence imaging, for
example, an ultrasound filter (sonofistulogram) or an MRI will help delineate the way
a specialist should take to treat it correctly.
  • There are numerous new techniques for treating fistulas, for example, VAAFT –
video helped anal fistula treatment, wherein a camera is utilized to travel through and
recognize the track and after that destroy it with the electric ebb and flow and seal it
with staples and paste. VAAFT is daycare medical surgery.
  • Anyway, the specialist must settle on a choice whether a given fistula is best
treated with open conventional medical surgery or VAAFT.

Anal Fistula Prevention

Hygienic can propensities are vital in preventing infections in the anal canals (that prompt Fistulas).

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