Monday, August 27, 2018

Preparatory Tips for a Dental Implant Surgery

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we need not worry about our missing tooth
anymore. Dental implant comes to our rescue. It is an artificial tooth made of titanium
metal and is rooted around our jawbone. This is by far the best long-term option to replace
a missing tooth.
However, even if you go to the best dental hospital in Hyderabad for your implant surgery,
it’s imperative that you go for a thorough oral and dental examination. Only when the implant
expert gives you the green signal, should you safely opt for the implant surgery.
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The Procedure
The procedure for any dental implant surgery in Hyderabad would include replacing the
root of the missing tooth with metal. The artificial tooth looks and functions exactly like the
real ones. The structure of your jawbone determines how the surgery is performed.
If your tooth had been extracted, then the dental implant surgery may get more complicated.
The implant surgery needs a lot of time to heal as it requires healthy tissue around the
jawbone. So, if you wait too long for an implant surgery after your tooth extraction, you might
need to undergo bone grafting to give enough support to your implant.
Implants Vs. Dentures/ Bridges
Find the best dental clinic in Hyderabad and go for your implant surgery. They are u
ndoubtedly the best alternative to dentures or bridges. These have alter your look a bit or
may not fit that well. With implants, you don’t have such worries. If you have a denture or
a bridge, your jawbone may not get the right stimulation through chewing which might lead
to bone loss. But with implants there’s no such risk as your jawbone will continue to be
used and stimulated the way it used to be with your natural tooth. Thus, implants are the
only tooth replacement method that prevents bone loss.
Many people opt for oral bridges instead of dentures, thinking they are more of a permanent
option than dentures. If you go for oral bridges to replace your missing tooth, the adjacent
two teeth need to be shaved a little and covered with crowns. In a dental implant surgery,
your dentist doesn’t need to shave or prepare your adjacent teeth. They stay exactly the
way they are.
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It’s a common myth that dental implant is a painful process. Remember, dentists make
sure that the patients are totally comfortable during the implant surgery. They apply local
anaesthesia to make the area where your implant will be placed numb. This will ensure
that you are completely pain free during the procedure. In case you are very anxious,
request your dentist to give you a mild sedative which will ease your mind.

Discuss with your dentist and decide whether you are going to have your implant surgery
in multiple stages or in one stage. Post surgery, you may experience swelling or pain in the
implant area, but don’t stress. Your doctor will give you necessary medications and
antibiotics that will make you feel normal very soon. The discomfort is only for a few days
after all with your new implant you will never miss your tooth and enjoy the most natural
chewing experience. There’s no special care that you need to take.

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