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Interventional Pain Management for Chronic Pain

For some, people living with chronic pain, finding relief from discomfort can be extreme. A
ton of experimentation is included to discover a pain treatment that works.
Interventional pain management may help chronic pain patients adapt to their pain.

Like other pain management medicines, for example, taking prescription recommended meds,
interventional pain management can enable you to deal with your pain. In any case, what
makes interventional pain management diverse is that it utilizes procedures, for example, injections and radiofrequency rhizotomy,
to specifically address the source of your pain.

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A few conditions interventional pain management systems generally treatment include:

  • chronic headaches, mouth, or face pain
  • low back pain
  • muscle or bone pain
  • neck pain

In some cases, interventional pain management methods influence a multi-disciplinary way to
deal with soothe your pain and different side effects. These strategies might be utilized as a
part of conjunction with mental and emotional treatment, and physician endorsed medicines,
for instance.

The following are the most regularly utilized interventional pain management techniques:


Injections —also called nerve squares—work to give impermanent relief from discomfort. They
send capable medications, for example, steroids and opioids, onto or near to your nerves to
ease the pain.

The most widely common injections is an epidural steroid injection in your lumbar spine (low back).
This injection sends steroids straightforwardly to the nerve root that is excited. Other usual
injections are an aspect of joint injections, single nerve root squares, and sacroiliac joint injections.

You'll in all likelihood require 2 or 3 injections for most extreme advantages, yet you shouldn't
have more than that because of the potential reactions of steroids and different medications.

1.Radiofrequency Rhizotomy

Utilizing x-ray direction and a needle with an electrode at the tip that gets warmed, radiofrequency
rhizotomy temporarily kills a nerve's capacity to send pain messages to your brain.

2.Intrathecal Pump Implants

Intrathecal pump implants, otherwise called torment pumps, give powerful solutions straight to the
wellspring of your pain. They're a sort of neuromodulation—a treatment that intrudes on torment
signs to your brain.

3.Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is another kind of neuromodulation. Like a pain pump, something gets
embedded in your body with electrical stimulation.

Other Interventional Pain Management Techniques

Other interventional pain management procedures can enable you to adapt to pain. Intradiscal
electrothermal treatment, for instance, utilizes warmth to destroy nerve fibers to diminish your
pain. Another case is cryogenic cooling, which is like radiofrequency rhizotomy, yet rather briefly
close nerves around freezing them.

Is Interventional Pain Management an Option for You?

You may need to try a few interventional pain management administration techniques or maybe
a blend of these methods as a feature of a thorough pain management design. These strategies
can give relief from discomfort to enhance your satisfaction.

Also with any strategy, interventional pain management methodology has specific dangers. Do
talk with your doctor about whether interventional pain management is a possibility for you to go with.

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