Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Importance of Time management in exams

Managing your time is the key to success when studying an online, distance learning course.
You’re responsible for your own timetable, so giving yourself enough time to fit your study in
around other commitments is essential. Because you can start at any time, you also need to
think about the bigger picture is there enough time to complete the course between now and
when you plan to sit the SSC coaching, You need to spend at least 10 hrs. For the preparation
along with the Time Table.Managing your time is an essential life skill that learning at a distance
can help you to develop and it really comes into its own when you have an exam. learn
firsthand recently that time management can make or break your exam success.Students
who do not prepare at least 10 hrs, without any timetable may not get a great mark for the
first time around. For any competitive exams, there should be a rigorous preparation needed.
Need to manage the time properly during the SSC coaching.Two hours seems like a long time when the invigilator says ‘you can start now’, but
it flies by. Particularly when you know the subject and have a lot to say. Do not stick by making
the mistake of getting distracted by the first question, or rather the question which you do not
know? By this, most of your time will be elapsed.
The best advice is to really take notice of the time that the question paper says to allow for
each question, even note down the time that you should have finished next to the question.
Don’t fall into the same trap: if you have until the last moment to finish Question One, keep
an eye on the clock and be realistic about what you can achieve in that time. You may have
a lot to say, but will it gain you extra marks?There are several practice papers available, use
them and make sure you stick to the time limits, giving yourself an extra five minutes is not
helpful in the long-run. Practicing for SSC exam pattern exam day will give you a good sense
of what to expect and what is possible in the time allowed.manage time much better in the
second paper, finishing on time and giving each question a fair chance. You can write better
much more for each of the questions, but  concentrate on the main points and do not get
distracted. Try to finish with just enough time to read through .

Whether better time management in the second paper will be enough for me to get a decent
mark overall remains to be seen, but I did learn two valuable lessons which I hope will help you.  
Firstly, you can be an expert on a subject and still fail the SSC exam pattern exam, practice makes perfect and the exam paper even suggests how long you should spend
on a question. The second lesson I learned was to listen to your tutor. After all, they are experts
who are on your side and really want to see you succeed.

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