Friday, March 30, 2018

Drinking Water Quality – The Issues and Risks?

The main challenge people are facing nowadays is clean drinking water especially in
developing and underdeveloped countries. Challenges to acquire clean drinking water
were from biological and chemical pollution at the point and nonpoint sources affecting
the raw Drinking water online water supply.In ensuring sufficient clean Drinking water online
water standards and policymakers.

The current special issue of Chemosphere focuses on the current state of knowledge on the
links between drinking water quality, new issues, risks, and solutions. Original research papers,
reviews, and technical notes are invited to be included in this special issue. Submission of inter
and multi-disciplinary research and review papers within the broad theme of drinking water is
particularly encouraged.Pollutants due to drinking water treatment: disinfection by-products,
by-products of flocculants or coagulants, etc Contaminants from drinking water distribution:
heavy metals (e.g., lead, copper), and other compounds released by pipes (e.g., vinyl chloride)
Bottled water quality Vending machine water quality Raw drinking water quality Environmental
risk assessment Human health risk assessment Drinking water treatment plant Public health
Health benefits associated with drinking water Knowledge, attitude and practice  on drinking
water quality Policy ratification on water guidelines (raw and treated water).Municipal
Corporation (NMC) is planning to supply Packaged drinking water suppliers in Hyderabad
water at low cost by setting up RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants at various places in the city for
the convenience of the people.

This is decided on the basis of unauthorized and low standard Packaged drinking water suppliers
in Hyderabad water supply from vendors who do not have ISI certification. Water is supplied
daily two hours – one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. More than 80 million
liters of water in 54 divisions is being supplied to the people through taps. Many places have
been receiving contaminated or muddy water.They get water from many reservoirs, Now, more
than 150 packaged drinking water companies have been engaged in water supply in and around
the city taking advantage of the poor supply of drinking water. Very few companies are having
ISI certification.

The Bureau of Indian Standards gives permission for packaged drinking water companies on
their quality. Corporation authorities have prepared a plan to set up a huge Reverse Osmosis
plant to supply for one lakh population and another mini R O plants at various places for
supplying purified drinking water to the people. A senior official from the civic body has said
they would utilize funds under CSR activity of the industries.

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