Thursday, March 29, 2018

Aim and scope of the Journal in Medicine

Otorhinolaryngology Journal studies about ENT which is Ear,Nose,Throat,Head and Neck surgeries.And authors get
information from the research to publish their innovative ideas, basic research, clinical Research
and Translational research, across the domains of Otology and developments with a particular
focus on the surgical management of cancers and benign tumors of the head and neck.Since
it is a vast field of medical science and it serves to provide representation of clinical care,bring
research advances and proof-based practices into actual applications for
Otorhinolaryngology Journal and increase knowledge about this field.

We can say that Otolaryngology or ENT (ear, nose, and throat) is the branch of medicine and
surgery that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck.
These specialists can also diagnose the same diseases with higher risk. translational studies
and practice at the point of care commit to publishing the results of research and clinical
practice; case reports interesting to an international audience of otorhinolaryngologists,
clinicians, scientists, trainees, and specialists to improve patient care and public health.
The journal pursues well-defined papers which prioritize distinction, originality, applicability,
accuracy, focus and appeal to the readership. ENT surgeons plus oncologists, audiological
physicians, scientists, and clinical researchers are contributors of articles for Otorhinolaryngology Journal.

Biomarkers Journal  is an open access journal and publishes the manuscripts after thorough
peer review. Biomarkers They are different types based on their characteristics, commonly
known as Imaging biomarkers, Diagnostic biomarkers, Molecular biomarkers etc. with new
and  a quality research of biomarkers and their usage in different fields.It's an innovative platform,
in which all articles are published online with rapid review process with an open publish at free
of cost.The main aim of this journal is to target on Biomarkers Journal  to authors, readers, and upcoming scientists to share their views. It's an open platform all over
the world to know the latest updates on the research of biomarkers and also to know where it can
be used.

Its journals and reporting, ensure free and rapid knowledge dissemination. The articles published
in have been subjected to peer-review in compliance with publication ethics.

The scope of Journal tells about the research growth, medical applications, show the molecular
and a branch aspect of its heredity pathways of diseases, and relative advantage over
conventional the molecular pathway involved in the pathophysiology of the
disease can be identified by these techniques. Biomarkers Journal are biological parameters, used for assessing the biological state (normal physiology, disease
pathophysiology, pharmacokinetic parameter, or a pharmacodynamic response/clinical endpoint).
With a simple Diagnostic kit containing all the monitors to measure blood from anytime and
anywhere as made simple and advanced for the biosensors. Biomarkers in Medicine provides
the platform for all players all over to communicate and debate if they come across any kind of Issues.

Each issue includes a large content to provide for the research professional. Biomarkers Journal And all the Articles include Guest Editorials, Interviews, Reviews, Research Articles,
Perspectives, Special Reports, Case Reports, Conference Reports and Company Profiles.
Elucidation of their role and formalization and approval of their application in modern medicine.
All the articles are written will have a great help for the industrial researchers, clinicians,
pathologists, clinical chemists, academicians and regulatory professionals about the Biomarkers field.

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