Thursday, October 5, 2017

Preparation Strategy For SSC CGL 2017?

let’s get aware of a few key pieces of insight.
The competition lies at top 10%. As high as 90% students fail at Tier 1 level itself.
Though general authority carries weight age of 50 marks out of 700, yet the almost all the students invest most of their crucial time in cramming all the facts and figures to score in this section.
the students who will clear their  Tier 1 is not prepared for Tier 2 exams beforehand and once again fail at this crucial juncture. More than  80% of the student will clear the Tier 1.
The approach!
1. Get to know the Exam and its pattern
Most of the students just fill out the form and start their preparation after buying some random books on different sections available at the nearby bookstore. If You will ask them any question like how many questions are there in Quant paper at Tier 2 level and  They are clueless. Yes, because The majority of such candidates belong to those 90% souls that fail at Tier 1 level itself. If you are really a serious contender you should go to SSC coaching institute, be specific about what you're are studying and try to be patient while studying.
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2. Get to know where you stand
The most important step towards preparing for an exam, you should know where you stand to understand your current level of preparation in actual exam like scenario. Truly speaking, two Tests are of utmost importance during your preparation or SSC coaching is also a good option. Analyse yourself than you should take mock Test with complete dedication and peace of mind and then see how you perform across the different section.
Once you are now that you are capable to do this much, have confidence in yourself than going for the next step, here you will understand that you are prepared for half the battle. Let’s now move to the next step.
3. Begin with the end in mind
If you start your preparation with completely neglecting the problems or difficulties or you are going for easy chapters that come at the end of the play, you’ll actually end up gaining nothing. Here is the main point you should now the time between Tier 1 and Tier 2 is not that much but comparing the length of syllabus you need to cover for Tier 2.
Here is the description about two core subjects that need detailed preparation are Quantitative Aptitude and English language. Therefore, the every day you should give more hours to this subjects for preparation, compare to those of Reasoning and GA. Another decent option is SSC coaching online classes are also available.
4. Aim to become better and not to crack an exam
Try on improving yourself rather than getting into the race of clearing the test. Make you're aiming to crack an exam but as well as try to get the knowledge. Many of the students are found starting like “I have to clear SSC CGL this year.” but they are forgetting the joy of life by getting into the race,  or they are like “I have to get this job through IBPS PO 2017 anyhow” or “I am sure I’m going to crack SSC CGL this year.”
Many would say they will clear it but I think it is a fallacy or misconception or mistake by getting into the race. It is like not accepting the fact that there are lakhs of other students as well whose needs, passion or madness might have been more intense than yours. They might have been more prepared than you. Once you should see SSC exam pattern then you will an idea about the exam.
You have to be smart around other students, hope this will help you make strategies and help you in clearing the test.

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