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Mostly Used Products Which Are Made Up Of Copper

Copper bus bars

Bus bars & profiles or copper bus bar are extensively used in low voltage distribution, high current & control equipment. The applications of bus bars & profiles include low and medium voltage switchgear, busway systems, panel boards, switchboards and many others. It feeds to the heavy electrical uses in various commercial & industrial buildings as plating cells and feeder systems.

Bus bars that are made from copper are preferred over aluminum bus bars, electrical bus bars because of the better electrical conductivity that copper bus bars offer.

Copper tubes and pipes

copper and copper alloys are now getting used in the form of tube and pipe products. Copper alloys are one mostly or extremely used product, extensively to convey potable water in buildings and homes. But when it comes to the used of oil, chemical, process and marine industries copper pipes are used.

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But Copper tube's are the second largest application is in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems; For fire sprinkler systems and fuel gas distribution systems in residential and office buildings, it is fastest-growing. As we all now Copper is also used for plumbing tube principally because of its corrosion resistance, machinability and high level of heat transfer.

Copper foils

Copper foils come in (C101/C102/C103/B170/B379) mostly used for the production of printed circuits board and with that for other applications too. It provides various finishes include High-Temperature Elongation Foils, Low Profile foils, Double-Treated foils and High ductility foils. copper foil manufacturers that can be offered in both standards as well as customized finish specifications.


Minimum thickness 0.05mm
Minimum width 6mm
Maximum width 150 mm
Minimum thickness 0.15mm
Maximum width 250mm
Minimum thickness 0.25mm
Maximum width 300mm
Wide Range of Copper Sheets

Copper sheets are available in gauges/thicknesses of up to .040 and in term through full hard and rolled processes. Copper thin sheet are delivered solutions to service the needs of a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and electrical. copper sheet manufacturers from india, available all types of commercial copper coil sheet flanges fittings.

If you wanna purchasing any copper sheeting, it is necessary to understand the specific strains the material will face during use. Properties to pay attention to include:

Tensile Strength
Corrosion Resistance

All types of nuggets have very high copper purity.


Ø 12mm x 12mm
Ø 16mm x 16mm
Ø 20mm x 25mm
Ø 25mm x 25mm or customer requirement

Sphere or Ball

Ø 16mm, Ø 25mm, Ø 28mm, Ø 38mm, Ø 50mm and Ø 55mm or customer requirement

Copper Wire and Their Uses

There are so many reasons or as we say the goal of copper wire, and all of these different reasons can require a unique kind of insulated wire. Copper has become the main conductor of electricity in a lot of wiring ever since the birth of the telegraph in the 1820s. Since then copper wires are used in many things which run on electricity. Different wiring types have also  been constructed for each user over the years, wires have been Used in making industries, homes, factories, stores, penthouses, complexes, and buildings, there is nothing in this world in which copper isn't used.

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