Monday, September 18, 2017

Few Things You Should Know About Polyurethane Foam

As everybody knows Polyurethane Foam is also a type of form which is used in making cushions and mattresses. This foam is a polymer material it is formed from the reaction between Isocyanates and Polyols with water. You should now that polyurethane form is derived from petroleum.

polyurethane foam also comes from a common type of foam, and it is used as a base layer in spring-free memory foam mattresses, or else it can be used at the top layers of innerspring beds. We don't see how the mattress is getting made. We always see the finished product, but we don't have any idea how much time it is taking to be made. You should have an idea about what type of foam it is made from.

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Foam Density

By looking at any type of foam you can't tell you, right? The general thing is you can now know that there is a certain type of foam is “good” or “not” Well, there are some physical properties of foam that can provide a reliable measure of quality.  The main about any type of foam is its thickness and solidity.  As you all now Density is the most important thing because it affects durability and support.  How much higher the density is the longer the foam will be last.polyurethane foam mattress will provide good durability.
As you now Higher density foams provide more stiffness in material and it will absorb weight over the long term.  So,  this means that it is having the direct relationship between density and durability.

Comparing with Viscoelastic Foam

Here we are discussing viscoelastic foam, but it’s important to realize that both flexible polyurethane foam and viscoelastic foam are the open cells.  All foam used in mattresses are the open cell.  

Is it Dangerous?

As you now the components of Polyurethane Foam is being obtained from petroleum, this will make the foam unsafe or toxic you should be a bit protected around the mattress. This component can be smelly from polyurethane and memory foam mattresses are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Today, most of the people still sleep on a mattress which contains small amount of polyurethane foam, Polyfoam mattress is affordable and it is adaptable mattress material, whereas you now this foam provides comfort and support, this foam material is a low-cost support base for more expensive layers of memory foam and latex, or as an additional comfort layer. These type of mattresses are available in stores or you can browse as buy mattress online. There are many brands and varieties are available online.


Here are some benefits of poly foam mattress, One of the biggest benefits of polyurethane foam is it has the ability to resist body impressions and to support your body and it will provide comfort in your usual sleeping position. When you sleep on this mattress it will provide the right amount and firmness of foam in strategic areas and layers, poly foam mattresses are designed in a way which resists body impressions and lasts longer.
polyurethane foam mattresses are available in so many varieties, few varieties are double bed mattress, king size mattresses, single and much more.

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