Friday, July 21, 2017

Introduction to Neurology

When the word neurology comes into any conversation most of us would be guilty of knowing just the fact that it has something to do with the brain. Well, you would be right, but it’s not just the head or the brain, it’s the whole nervous system. Now nervous system comprises of two parts: a central nervous system which includes the brain and the spinal cord & a Peripheral nervous system which includes eyes, skin, ears and other sensory receptors. There are two types of doctors in the neurology department. A Neurologist in Hyderabad can help identify this problem when it starts out. The neurologist near me (you) are the ones who are involved in investigating, identifying and treating neurological disorders and also conducting research, trials, etc.
The neurosurgeons are the ones who perform surgeries on neurologically affected patients. This is one of the most complex and sophisticated branches of medicine due to the fact that the nervous system is vast and complex as well as the fact that what may seem as a neurological disorder might be psychological and vice versa. The huge amount of time and effort it takes to become a neurologist and a neurosurgeon should satiate your restless soul as a patient that when you go to one you are probably in the most capable of hands there possibly could be. If not, well then a second opinion never hurt anybody.
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A recent survey on the prevalence of neurological disorders in India showed that in a population of 1.27 billion, approximately 30 million people suffer from neurological disorders ranging from infection to numerous neurodegenerative diseases. Due to overwhelming complexities of the human nervous system, there are a lot of disorders and neurodegenerative diseases like Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer that don’t even have a cure. So if you or your loved ones ever start generating symptoms of the neurological kind visit a doctor right away.
The faster it is identified; more are the chances of your well being. In case you were wondering, neurological disorders do have a psychiatric manifestation such as depression, dementia, and psychosis to name a few. Hence, keeping yourself psychologically balanced and leading a stress-free life is of the utmost importance. Mostly they symptoms if found in its initial stages proper medication and care can be taken to effectively help with the problem.
The gradual rise in the awareness of such topics is responsible for the neurological enhancement in environments such as workplaces, schools, homes, etc. Neurologist near me (you) can help with finding this issue in its initial stages. There is still room for improvement and personally, I would say break the monotony and do something new and exciting every day. Challenge your mind and your body. A neurologist in Hyderabad can help identify this problem when it starts out. It may not guarantee you a long life, but it sure would be a happy one. After all, it was said by some that,

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy it’s all that matters.”- Audrey Hepburn

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