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Why do memory foam pillows help your to better sleep ?

Our brain’s ability to store memories and then recall them at a moment’s notice is one of the most remarkable capabilities of the human body. It gives us the ability to recall critical skills for survival, meaningful life moments, and both positive and negative experiences that guide our daily lives and shape our perspectives.

As technological advances continue to revolutionize the way humans function, a great deal of scientific research has focused on finding ways to create products that replicate aspects of the human memory to enhance our daily lives; one of which is the creation of smarter sleep surfaces.

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What Is Memory Foam?

Generally, memory foam is now found in many everyday products ranging from pillows and mattresses to office supplies and footwear. Take a close look at your office chair – it is likely that it has a memory foam component. Although initially, the cost of memory foam material was very expensive, advances in its production have reduced the cost, making it more accessible for widespread use.

Memory foam pillows and memory foam products are all over the place at the moment. What is memory foam and why is it the best pillow for your neck? Well viscoelastic (VE) foam pillows otherwise called memory foam pillows are the latest wonder item in sleep technology.

Chiropractors are great believers in the memory foam types of pillows. You are likely to find your local chiropractor stocking some type of memory foam pillow brand.

You will see most companies advertise a hand imprint on the cover to show the slow molding recovery properties of a memory foam pillow. This is why chiropractors like these memory foam pillows. The pillows lower the contact pressure on the side of your head and neck when sleeping on the memory foam. This, in turn, lowers ‘hot spots‘ from occurring at the main contact points like your ears, which, can stop you from tossing and turning so much to relieve the buildup of pressure.

Keeping your neck and spinal cord in a good lordotic curve is another reason why chiropractors like memory foam pillows.

The heavier part of your head will sink in further than the lighter part of your neck so the memory foam will be in uniform contact with your neck to support it better than a normal pillow. Why this is essential is to lower abnormal stress build-up on the neck joints (facet joints) when suffering neck ache. This will allow your body a better chance to recover from the day's stress on the neck joints by having a restful night’s sleep.

Some Other Advantages of Memory Foam:

Memory foam is generally made of open cells, meaning there are air gaps between the round foam cells. Bugs, like dust mites, do not like living in these open cells.

So you will see memory foam manufacturers, like Tempur-Pedic, have claims on their pillows and bed mattress claiming to be hygienic pillows compared to normal pillows as they prevent a growth of fungus and dust mites. This makes them hypoallergenic which is good for allergy sufferers.

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