Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Top trendy and fashionable heel styles

High heels have been around for centuries, and high heels still remain in the center of fashion in today's footwear styles. You can wear heels with just about everything in your closet, casual or dressy. With so many types of high heels out there, from kitten heels to stiletto boots, your options are nearly endless. Which pair of heels should you wear with your red dress? What will work best with a pair of jeans? Read on to learn about the top styles of high heels to have in your closet.


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Perhaps the most top and recognizable style of high-heel shoes is the stiletto. Named for a type of dagger, stiletto heels are as dramatic as their name. The pencil sized thin tall shaped heel began as a daring fashion statement. Wear stilettos with skirts and dresses to look taller and lengthen your legs or dress up a pair of jeans with a chic pair of stiletto heels.


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Pumps typically have a tall heel like stilettos, but the heel is not quite as thin. The iconic pump has a tapering heel and pointed toe. A pair of brightly colored pumps looks fantastic with retro party dresses, while classic black or brown pumps refine your look for the office.


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Fun and full of summertime chic, peep-toe shoes add a fun twist on any pair of high-heel shoes. You can show off your pedicure treatment at the office while still maintaining your professional look or you can pair peep-toe slingbacks with a short party dress for a night of dancing. Opt for ladies sandals online shopping for a variety of designs.


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The wedge heel is a unique variation on the classic high heel, with a solid heel running from behind the ball of the foot to the heel. Wedges are a little more casual than most other types of high heels and pair well with casual skirts and jeans.


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In addition to a classic heel, platform shoes add height to your look with a boost underneath the toe as well. Platforms can be subtle or dramatic, classic or contemporary. You will find platforms on taller styles of heels, like pumps and also wedges. Many of the women opt for high heels online shopping.

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