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Here are few ways to stop hair fall

We all want to have a gorgeous and healthy hair but most of us are the victims of hair loss due to which everyone’s dream of having beautiful hair become distant. But, stopping hair fall is not that difficult, just it requires a bit of effort. If you’re wondering how to stop hair loss follow these below tips!!
A lot of factors will come into play when we talk about how to stop your hair fall. If you have to take enough care of your hair and maintain them on a daily routine basis, like a habit, then undoubtedly your hair fall will stop and you will have a healthy and shiny hair. To know how, just read on. Keshyog treatment for hair fall is also one remedy to treat your hair. It is also one of the best procedures which are made my nature ingredients.

1. Choose the Correct Shampoo and Conditioner

In order to your address how to stop hair fall problem, it is very essential to use the shampoo and also conditioner meant just for your hair type. This is because often not by using the correct shampoo leads you to having rough hair which further causes hair loss. It is also essential to apply them on the hair in the correct way.

While applying a shampoo, make sure that you will concentrate on the scalp and hair roots whereas, while applying a conditioner focus on the ends of your hair.

2. Apply Oil Regularly

We all have heard that since our childhood days that how essential it is to oil our hair and undoubtedly, it is the best hair loss treatment at your home. All you are required to do is to apply any natural oil like olive, coconut or canola.

3. Don’t Pull Your Hair Tight

If you really want to learn that how to stop hair loss, then this must be very carefully to understood.

We all choose to attractive hairstyles like pigtails, pony tails, and braids and the saddest part about these hairstyles is that they are usually supposed to be tied tightly.
Now, when you tie your hair tightly with band, on a regular basis it might start pulling out of their roots.

In order to avoid this, change your hairstyle and soon enough your hair will then recover soon.
4. Apply Natural Juices

Natural juices are very advantage for our health and the same applies for our hair also. Excessive hair loss can be controlled by using few home remedies for hair loss.
5. Say No To Chemical Treatments

Nowadays, it is more of a trend to change the look of one’s hair. Straightening, hot ironing, rebounding and styling have become very common in these days but we tend to ignore the fact which of these are all the reasons of hair fall.

These chemical treatments will include a variety of chemicals, which cause a heavy damage to your hair. Though, you might think that you can look perfect but in reality, your hair is constantly under damage.

6. Eat A Healthy Diet

Most of the problems that all will face these days are due to lack of a balanced and a healthy diet. Hair loss is an exact sign of how healthy you actually are. Iron, vitamin B, calcium and zinc are essential vitamins for hair which can reduce your hair fall.

The Long Term Benefits Of Boarding Schools For Girls

Every troubled teenage girl often meets with failure at traditional schools due to the behavioral and emotional issues or mental health conditions. Rather than allowing them to continue the downward tension, spiral of negativity and many parents of troubled teen girls make arrangements for them to attend schools specifically suited to their particular daily challenges. These boarding schools offer many long-term advantages and help the teens to get back on track and planning for their future.

Boarding schools in Hyderabad have been praised by a long time for offering students close alliances, small class sizes, between students and teachers, and rigorous academics. What has not been known, however, is exactly how much boarding schools can benefit students in the long term. Here is evidence that supports the advantages of a boarding school education for students.

In the most basic terms, boarding schools in Hyderabad are residential private schools. The students live on campus in dormitories or residence halls with adults from the school. The dormitories are supervised by these members of the school's staff, who are usually teachers or coaches, in addition to being dorm parents.

Students at a residential school take their meals in a dining hall. Room and board are included in residential school tuition.

Here are three long-term advantages that boarding schools can offer all teen girls:

Image result for dps schools
1. New Start on a New Life

Sometimes it is best for troubled teenage girls to get away from their current particular environment. Frustrated teachers, Bad friends, and worried parents are not the best surroundings for teens to get to the root of their issues and start the healing process. A boarding school provides a stable and safe atmosphere with trained professionals who know how to work with teens who struggle. The long-term benefit that best school in Hyderabad provides is a chance for troubled teenagers to overcome their issues and learn to build healthy relationships and gain the tools they need to move forward toward success.

2. Receive Professional Help

Boarding schools mean that teenagers have a good chance to get regular sessions with experts who are trained and experienced in adolescent psychology. Individual and group therapy sessions mean that the teenagers are overcoming their issues and taking advantage of every lessons and breakthrough they experience during sessions. The long-term advantages of regular, healing therapy will last a lifetime.

3. Academic Direction

Education is the key to success in life, whether it is on to college or toward a trade or tech school. At a traditional best school in Hyderabad, troubled teenage girls are faced with a system that just does not know how to work with them on academics and progress. At specialized schools, teachers work with smaller groups of students and teenagers get more one-on-one help, plus tutoring and peer assistance. This translates into long-term benefits because teenagers get their grades back up and they can develop a plan for the rest of their lives.

For troubled teenage girls with issues like abuse, depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse trauma, and more, there are boarding schools that can provide the long-term benefits that both teens and parents are seeking.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About The Standard Mattress

Make a proper sense of your options before you visit the high-pressure salesperson who can get you in their grips sooner. We all are pretty picky about our shoes because we know that if we get that uncomfortable shoes it can cause your aches and pains. But do you remember when was the last time you thought about the kind of foundation your mattress give you every night? If you are worried about not having a good sleep every night then the mattress you choose can play a major part.

After all, you spend about 3000 hours on the mattress every year. If you’re ready to buy mattress online India but confused with all the different types of mattresses which are on sale then you have come up to the right place. Here we are going to discuss the standard kind of mattress which is polyurethane foam mattress.

The polyurethane foam mattress is manufactured using the synthetic materials and is literally baked to form the finished foam. The advantage of this material over the other materials is that it is low in cost for manufacturing, that is why it has become the standard material for furniture and automobile industry. The inherent property of the structure allows its cells to compress and decompress to give the required softness and the cushioning.

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Advantages Of Polyurethane Mattress:

Standard Quality: This foam mattresses are made in the controlled environment, which enables the standardized quality and gives an option to the customers to choose the firmness level of the mattress that they desire.

Multiple Options: This Foam Mattress can be manufactured in the different densities and firmness options, basically it is customizable accordingly to the needs of the customer.

Non-Allergic: The Polyurethane Mattress is inert and hypoallergenic, it is basically a form of plastic.

Affordable: these mattresses are not that costly, they offer good value for money. Considering the durability, on one hand, the price is equal to its durability.

Weight: if we compare the other mattresses options, this foam mattress are lighter in weight which makes them easier to carry and handle.


Warmness: PU foam mattress by design has cell walls which are similar to beehive structure that compresses and decompresses to provide necessary comfort. Being the closed-cell structure, it doesn’t allow the mattress to breathe that means the air does not pass through due to which the mattress does not have the option to ventilate which keeps the surface warm.

Low Density means Low Durability: The foam is manufactured in multiple densities which make it very important to consider buying the high-density mattress only which is 32 KG/ m3 or 40 KG/ m3 Density. The lower density foams don't provide comfort and it gets ruined sooner when compared to the high-density mattress.

If you’re planning to buy mattress online India which is standard polyurethane mattress, then consider these things while buying the mattress. Buying the appropriate mattress according to your needs plays a crucial role as the mattress durability lasts up to the at least 7-8 year which means it is a long term investment and you cannot change the mattress frequently.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Here are the few advantages of HR system

Switching to HR outsourcing system will be a simpler and faster way to make leave management easier. Granting or denying leave requests can be just a click away and the process would bring in transparency and adherence to whole organization’s leave policy.

Here are a few advantages of HR can help you make the decision to go for the transition:

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Precise and perfect information:

With an operational online leave system, you can access perfect information about employees’ leaves and a number of leaves which are taken by them, leave balances instantaneously and leave trends, This makes the process a single-step procedure rather than manually flipping through the leave register pages to cull out employee required information. With the HR outsourcing system, being integrated with a payroll software, it becomes an easiest to generate accurate payslips, kicking off a number of advantages in succession.


With all the information that is available online to employees as well as their managers, the leave system becomes all the more transparent. All the employees will get an access to their whole leave information and leave balance and the manager too has access to the same. Therefore leave approval or rejection becomes more transparent.

Leave policy awareness:

The system can also easily convey leave policy pertaining to the maximum/minimum number of leave permissible, holiday calendar management according to location, a number of days which required before applying for planned or long leave. Employees can, at any time, refer to the leave policy before applying for vacation days.

Assures compliance to leave policy:

The HR online, customized as per the organization's leave policy can ensure compliance with the company’s leave policy as it will use the inherent rules which will not allow employees or managers to bypass rules or use own favorite while applying for or approving leaves.

Visibility of an employee availability:

For managers, it is very essential to know the availability of team members to meet the project deadlines. With leave management, the left trend and the leave data of employees is an easily and accessible to help them in approving or rejecting a leave request during essential project delivery times without wasting time.

Adherence to law:  

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Every country will have few labor laws governing employee leaves. And it is essential for the employer to stick fast to the law of the land that lays down the rights of the employees pertaining to their leaves. Failing to comply with the complex legal requirements may lead to liability for the organization. This can be avoided easily with the implementation of leave system which adheres to the local applicable laws as well.

Implements discipline:  

The HR online is a transparent system which adheres to organization leave policy and the local labor laws. The employees and the managers can use the system without any shades of gray. Providing an easy access to personal leave history and leave availability can also improve accuracy and build discipline in an organization. As a result, better employee attendance can also be expected as the employees will be well aware of the consequences of not adhering to the organization leave policy.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Trending Bridal Lehenga Styles

Indian wedding dresses are known for their piece of artwork. Being a bride you will be at the center of attention and therefore your bridal lehenga should be designed in a way that it stands out at every function. You deserve the best designer lehenga choli on your wedding day.

Choosing the best designer lehenga choli is a monotonous and time-consuming task, but the compliments you will get later on your big day will make all the efforts worth it. Coming to the variety of bridal lehengas, it ranges from plain simple lehengas to the rich and swanky embroidered lehengas with stones, sequins and heavy borders which give the elegant and classy look. You can prefer lehenga online shopping to save some time to yourself.

The Trending Bridal Lehenga Styles:

Fish Cut Style:

The fish cut style bridal lehenga is a style that imparts a mermaid or slimmer look to the wearer. The little embroidered patterns never go out of fashion as it is always the best choice for the brides. Trying out a different color combination like maroon and blue can actually make you stand out as these colors are unusual for the brides. You can search for lehenga online shopping for discovering better options.

The Pakistani Style:

The Pakistani style bridal lehenga has become the hot pick of this season. It basically consists of a long embroidered Kurti with a lehenga which gives you a totally different look. It is more suitable for wearing on sangeet or engagement. These lehengas look fancy in zari Resham embroidery. This look will give you royalty.

Silk Lehenga:

To get all the eyes on you! Try this new silk lehenga, the maroon color always works for the brides. This color gives you another charm on your bridal look, and the intricate stone detailing on the silk lehenga with a blouse of same cloth is definitely a new pick in the market.

Heavy Bridal Lehenga:

The heavy bridal lehenga never goes out of the shelves. It is the most beloved style since ages among the new to-be brides. The Zardosi and Zari work will always rule the classy looks. The heavy embroidered lehenga with zardozi and Resham work and heavy worked blouse on it is always the best pick for the brides.

So if you’re near the biggest and most awaited day of your life then don’t take any chances. You have a wide range of varieties in bridal lehengas but this is the trending styles among the brides right now. Pick up the best lehenga for yourself!

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Everything You Need To Know About Assistant Audit Officer

Every year the Staff Selection Commission of India conducts an examination to recruit fresh graduates into various government departments/ministries. The candidates prefer to take cgl test series for the better preparation of the examination. There total four sections in the examination. There are many portals which provide online test series for SSC cgl tier 1 and for the other sections as well.

Gazetted Post:

The Gazetted Officer Post is a Government official whose name should appear in the Gazette of India published by the Central Government.  The term Gazetted is the status symbol and the Gazetted officers have the special privileges and powers. The Gazetted officer has authority to issue an official stamp and the attest documents.

The Indian Audit and Accounts department:

An Assistant Audit Officer who got selected after SSC CGL will be posted under the Indian Audit and Accounts department. The Indian Audit and Accounts department is responsible for the auditing accounts of the Union and the State Governments and the Public Sector organizations and also for maintaining the accounts of the state government.

Job Profile:

The basic duty of an AAO is to audit accounts of the Central government, the State Governments, the Public Sector organizations and the other Corporations/ministries. Audit means that an official inspection of an organization's accounts. An AAO has the need to assist the audit officer and the Senior Audit officer in carrying out various departmental audits. The audit involves the various financial and the economic aspects, and also performance and adherence of various organizations and the departments. Being an officer, you should take many section level decisions and report it to the higher authorities. Also, an AAO should do some audit inspection related the work.

Promotional chances:

The career path for an Assistant Audit Officer:

Assistant Audit officer (AAO)
Audit Officer (AO)
Senior Audit officer (Sr. AO)
Deputy Accountant General (DAG)
Senior Deputy Accountant General (Sr. DAG)

An AAO takes around 8-10 years to get the promotion as an AO with Grade pay of 5400 and Pay Scale of 9300 - 34800. It is a Group B Gazetted post.

From an AO, it takes almost 2-4 years to get promoted to the Senior Audit officer with the Grade pay of 5400 and Pay Scale of 15600 - 39100. It is also a Group B Gazetted post.  

From the Senior Audit officer, the next promotion is to Group A Gazetted post DAG with the Grade pay of 6600 and pay scale of 15600 - 39100.

From the DAG, the next promotion is to Deputy Accountant General with Grade pay of 7600 and pay scale of 15600 - 39100.


Pay scale from 9300 - 34800
Grade Pay is 4800
Initial Pay is 13350
The Total Basic Salary is 18150
DA on the Total Basic(119%) is 21599
HRA (30%) is 5445
TA is 1600
DA on TA is 1904

An approximate Gross Salary of the Assistant Audit Officer is:

18150 + 21599 + 5445 + 1600 + 1904 = 48698 rupees.

To achieve this post student need to crack the SSC CGL exam, many students follows the online test series for SSC cgl tier 1 and the other tiers as well. The number of candidates for the examination is increasing every year as these jobs provide job guarantee. Most of the students suggest that following cgl test series have been beneficial in cracking the examination.

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Here are the themes and ideas of sangeeth party

The Sangeet, of all the wedding ceremonies, is one such a great evening that is most awaited not only by the couple's’ family but also by everyone who is invited. It is the night of absolute fun where everyone can join in the joy surrounding the wedding celebrations through the simplest means of dance, music, & entertainment!

Sangeet Night Ideas:

But a lot goes into making this evening as special as it can be the hours of dance practices, coordination of steps, but most of all are the selection of great songs that is bound to entertain your wedding sangeet guests. Even though trends are there in song selections and performances that may have seen changes over the years, the basic idea of having a great time while organizing the dance show that has been stayed the same. Besides, with a number of great friends and family bopping to the fantastic desi beats at the sangeet night which is bound to be an electrifying evening!
But surely the bride would love to bring out a few of your own amazing ideas into play… well, here is where we help!  

Below are the themes & sangeet night ideas from which you can take an inspiration!

A Slideshow:

Both music and pictures have the power to say what words can’t, so imagine how powerful a performance will be if both of these things are brought together. While the pictures slideshow can go on in the background, having a dance and song representing every picture can be staged. This is not only an innovative idea; it also gets your guests engaged in the performance.

The Skit:

Letting an array of songs can tell the story of how you met or how as a couple you both are meant to be, is an adorable way to stage a sangeet performance. While some couples have their families to join forces and perform together, that way getting them more an acquainted; other couples that have a two-sided performance, therefore adding to an excitement as to which side performed better.

Either way, everyone has fun, which is the main reason and purpose of a sangeet. And since it is a Skit, the songs can range from any latest Bollywood to classics or an even International hit wherein the lyrics represent steps of your life. At times even witty snippets of commentary or an impersonation are imbibed in between the songs to add to the entertainment and laughter!

A Desi Themed Song & Dance:  

It can happen that the bride and bridegroom can be from culturally different backdrops to that there would be nothing better than using it as an opportunity for an amazing ‘Desi Themed Song-&-Dance’ in which the song selections would be a fusion of beats from both cultures. Where, for example, with a folk-like Punjabi song there can be a Gujarati Garba dance. This blending represents a union of two families creative way of celebration!

The Bollywood Dance Songs:

Wherever there is an Indian wedding event management, Bollywood song or dance is added to it automatically! Any why should not it? After all Bollywood dances and Music does have the most thrilling beats which can get anyone on their feet to the rhythm.

An Act or Professional Performance:

There are multiple options which are available from laser shows to fire dancers. If you want to add something more special and amazing to the night you can choose from the many options which are available by professional performers from wedding event planner.

During sangeet, the families come together to celebrate an act of two young hearts coming together. Relatives from out of state and even out of the country will gather and bring bits and pieces of their newly adopted cultures. In olden times, the sangeet used to serve as a short period of rest from all the tensions and seriousness of the wedding preparations. For an amazing wedding, events opt for the best wedding event planner.

The women of the house can prepare the bride for her wifely duties through songs, at the same time conveying to her their love. Ceremonies like this can prove how much of a social importance and event like a wedding that wedding event management holds in the lives of Indians.

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Best prebiotic foods you should eat

Prebiotics are types of dietary fiber food which feed the friendly bacteria in your stomach. This helps the belly bacteria which produces nutrients for your bodies colon cells and leads to a healthier digestive system.

Some of these nutrients include short-chain fatty acids like acetate, butyrate, and propionate. These fatty acids can also be absorbed into the bloodstream of the body and improve metabolic health.

Apart from foods, you can also opt for pre and probiotic capsules which show better results.

Here are few healthy prebiotic foods:


Image result for garlic

Garlic is an incredibly tasty herb which is linked to various health benefits. About 11 percent of garlic’s fiber content comes from inulin and 6 percent from a sweet, and naturally occurring prebiotic called fructooligosaccharides.

Garlic acts as a prebiotic by promoting the growth of useful Bifidobacteria in the stomach. It also prevents disease-promoting bacteria in your body from growing.
Garlic extract may be effective for reducing the risk of heart disease and has shown antioxidant, anti-cancer and antimicrobial effects. It may also have benefits against asthma.

Garlic gives great flavor to your diet and provides you with prebiotic benefits. It helps to promote good bacteria and prevent harmful bacteria from growing.


Image result for Onions

Onions are a very tasty and also versatile vegetable linked to various health advantages. Similar to garlic, inulin accounts for 10 percent of the total fiber content of onions, while FOS makes up around 6 percent. You can buy pre and probiotic capsules online.

FOS strengthens stomach flora that helps with fat breakdown and boosts your immune system by increasing nitric oxide production in cells.

Furthermore, onions have an antibiotic property which provides benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Onions are rich in inulin and FOS, which helps to boost the immune system, provides fuel for your gut bacteria and improves digestion. Buy pre and probiotic capsules for less price.


Image result for Leeks

Leeks come from the same family as onions and garlic and offer similar health benefits.
Leeks contain up to 16 percent of inulin fiber. Thanks to their inulin content, leeks promote healthy belly bacteria and help in the breakdown of fat.

Leeks are also high in flavonoid that supports your body’s response to an oxidative stress. Furthermore, leeks contain a high amount of vitamin K. A 100-gram serving provides about 52 percentage of the RDI, which provides advantages for the heart and bones.

Leeks are also often used in cooking for their distinct flavor. They are high in prebiotic inulin fiber and also vitamin K.


Image result for Bananas:

Bananas are very popular. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. A banana contains small amounts of inulin. Unripe means green bananas are also high in resistant starch, which has prebiotic effects. Buy pre and probiotic capsules online to your door steps.

The prebiotic fiber which is present in a banana has been shown to increase healthy gut bacteria and reduce bloating.

Bananas are rich in fiber. They are also great at promoting healthy gut bacteria.


Image result for Barley

Barley is a popular cereal grain and it is used to make beer. It contains 3 to 8 grams of beta-glucan per 100-gram serving.

Beta-glucan is a prebiotic fiber which promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract.