Friday, February 24, 2017

Important Features of a best Help Desk Ticketing System

A good IT help desk ticketing system can make an IT service desk to run efficiently. The problem is, if you have a crummy help desk ticketing system, people can’t use it. They will call or fire off an email, usually citing with few excuses. You have to show all end users that help desk ticketing is more effective, easy, and quick. A support ticketing system which is the key factor in the success of this any company, because the users love the responsive support.

Here are the five essential features you need for a great help desk ticketing system:

1. The ability to send tickets through an email:

In some cases, the only difference between a help ticket via email, and the email an end user sends you because they are in a hurry or “only have a small problem,” is what’s in the “To:” line. It is much easier to have users send an email to your dedicated support address, and automatically generate a ticket.

2. The ability to view the status of tickets:

Users feel empowered if they see that something is being done with their request. But users should not be the only ones to view ticket a status. If your help desk ticketing system allows whole team collaboration, the entire help desk team can view all the tickets and can share the workload, decreasing ticket response time.

3. A self-service portal:

This is a great option for end users to order the services or products that they need. With a self-service portal, you can provide an IT services catalog with descriptions of the technology services which are available to end users. The catalog provides information about how long a request can take to complete, whether a request for an approval from a manager is necessary, and the charge to their project. This can be set up like a shopping website, where few end users put needed IT services into their “shopping cart.” When the user finishes “shopping,” a service request then shows up as a new item on the service desk along with the other help desk ticketing software.
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4. Mobility:

This can be invisible to end users, but when your help desk ticketing system has mobile capability, that you can deal with support requests wherever you are, without even installing an application.

5. An integrated knowledge base:

Like mobility, this will be mostly invisible to few end users, but it is a huge timesaver for service desk workers. With an integrated knowledge base, you can also retain and reuse knowledge that which you gain by taking care of service requests. This does not only help service desk workers save time, it also can be set up to allow end users to search for solutions themselves through the self-service portal.

The best help desk ticketing system benefits end users and IT service desk workers alike, by reducing service times, and allowing few IT services to be easily tracked. This allows for further improvements in service and lets' service desk workers focus on their energies in solving problems. The customer service ticketing software make the process of providing support easier

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