Monday, October 24, 2016


One of the first metals extracted and used by the human race, Copper continues to be one of the most widely used metals in the world. In the initial stages of its discovery, it was used predominantly for making coins and later it was used as an ingredient for making home ornaments.

Then it was discovered that it was resistant to corrosion, can conduct heat and electricity easily and above all, could be easily stretched, molded and shaped. This made it a more versatile metal that could also be molded into copper sheets in different sizes, suitable for a variety of domestic, industrial and high-technology applications.


True to its versatile nature, copper sheets can be effectively used in several applications, including:
  • In the making of cooking equipment and utensils. Almost 90% of the utensils used in homes and commercial places today are made of copper sheet. This is possible due to its being a good conductor of heat.
  • In the making of decorative ceilings for homes and offices. When finely brushed, they acquire a reflective or darker appearance which in turn gives the ceilings a more stylish appearance.
  • In the making of counter-tops used in kitchens and stove hoods.
  • In the making of electrical wires used widely in power transmission (domestic and commercial), made possible due to copper being good electrical conductors.
  • In the automobile industry, in the making of automobile components especially engines, made possible due to copper being excellent thermal conductors.
  • In the making of jewelry due to its extreme fine finish and ability to maintain its shine for a long time.
  • In the making of the roofing of small structures, due to its possessing good corrosion-resistance capabilities and durable nature.
  • In traditional metal embossing, where it can be stamped or punched with ease. Though extremely hard, it's soft and malleable nature makes it versatile enough for hand embossing. Further, when pressed harder to achieve the desired dimension and form, they can acquire different kinds of embossed forms and dimensions (while doing so, they maintain their shapes easily).

The best thing about copper sheet is that it possesses excellent corrosive capabilities that allow for an effective protective coating over the metal beneath. This, in turn, helps regulate the corrosion speed throughout the metal. This is what enables a copper sheet to last for 100 years and more.

When it comes to quality copper sheets in India, Bhagyanagar India Ltd, a leading copper sheet manufacturer in India has few peers. Their premium copper sheets, known for their superior mechanical properties, including high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, cater to a variety of purposes including uses in arts and crafts, construction, manufacturing, electrical applications, etc.

With its skills, knowledge, and experience backed by first class service, the company has proved itself as a competent copper sheet manufacturer in India that consistently supplies stable quality copper sheets.


Bhagyanagar India Ltd offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance copper products including copper busbars, wire, rod, etc, in a variety of profiles, thicknesses, shapes and sizes.

Using high technology and advanced manufacturing techniques, it remains well-positioned to produce a variety of customized copper busbars in different thicknesses, widths, and lengths, for major projects. Exceptional quality of products of high craftsmanship with responsive customer care, make Bhagyanagar India a trusted choice that is pure value for money.

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