Friday, September 23, 2016


As a gift for someone special for many centuries, Flowers have been a favorite choice for the sheer reason that they best convey a person’s innermost feelings for someone they love. In earlier times, they were given by a man to a woman in whom he was interested in. A woman, in turn, would accept them and reply whether she was interested in the man and go on a date with him. That practice continues to this day though in a refined manner.

Today flowers are gifted to someone special who could be anyone from the family or friends or in certain cases, outsiders. It could be gifted for a birthday or an anniversary or some special achievement or get well occasion.

Say it with flowers and you stand a good chance of conveying your inner feelings that will strike an instant chord in the heart of the person to whom you are gifting the flowers.


Here are some reasons that tell as to why flowers make for an ideal surprise gift:

  • They are linked to happiness, compassion, and tranquility. As a gift, they provide for immediate happiness to the person to whom they are gifted too.
  • They are spontaneous and spread joy and brightness all around. Even where you send them to someone who is not special to you, they generate positive feelings for they have the natural ability to turn things around in the most beautiful manner possible.
  • They can be gifted to any person of any age and gender. It could be a small boy gifting to his mother / father or a grandfather gifting favorite flowers to his grand- daughter/son.  What makes it all-around is that it’s perfectly harmless and is not bound to any age or gender factor.
  • They don’t require heavy maintenance or batteries to be charged. Being natural and pure, all they need is a bit of sunshine as well as a certain amount of water daily to fresh them up and keep them spirited.
  • They are easy to care for and do not require anything special or expensive to be cared for. It is this that makes them ideal for being gifted to children.

With their natural exuberance and charm, flowers can indeed surprise your dream date or partner or parent or children or special friend and even more so when they least expect it to be gifted. To make it an extra surprise, gift a flower that they like or cherish, and are accompanied by a message of love and affection for them.

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If that is so, then they indeed will make for a perfect surprise gift and cheer up that someone special’s day.

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